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Today's regulatory environment is becoming increasingly extensive and complex. Individual persons and enterprises are faced with challenging compliance issues, posing a significant threat to their economic and reputational position.

With a network of dedicated investigative professionals and dispute lawyers, our firm provides guidance on dispute, regulatory and crisis scenarios. Comprising seasoned attorneys, forensic specialists, and investigators, our firm can deal with all kinds of investigations, in particular relating to bribery and corruption, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, and sanctions breaches.

Our firm frequently works side-by-side with multinational companies and law firms to conduct extensive and complex cross-border investigations.

Our core investigatory services include: 

  • Subject matter, sector based or country orientated investigations.

  • Merger, acquisitions, and investment investigations.

  • Internal investigations and regulatory investigations.

  • Proactive risk reviews and compliance strategy audits.

  • Response to contentious regulatory and contractual issues.

  • Crisis management mitigating business interruption, economic loss, and reputational damage.